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Instant Steel acknowledge that contract execution is critical to the sustained success of all businesses within our supply chain, we partner with the best to ensure we’re in a position to execute and deliver on our promise.

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steel procurement

We have an international supply network that enables us to offer a broad range of products both to Australian and International specifications.

Our network best positions our clients against their competitors on many fronts; profitability, business growth and eliminating time consuming operational expenses.

fx contracts

We handle all foreign currency exchanges and hedge against currency fluctuations to protect our buyers from any negative movements in exchange rates.

qa/qc services

We appreciate that each individual project will have different QA/QC demands so we have the ability to offer a range of services to suit which include but not limited to;

NATA Accredited NDT Testing

NATA Accredited Mechanical Testing

CNAS Accredited NDT Testing


Planning and managing the shipment of cargo in the supply chain from procurement to delivery is a complex task that needs to be managed with a detailed eye.

We handle this process internally to ensure product is arriving on time and we can provide you timely information upon request.


We finance all contracts unless otherwise specified which requires us to pay the supplier prior to material shipping from the loading port.

This can be an extremely big risk for business’s trying to import directly as you don’t know who you’re dealing with or what product they are packing inside of your container.

Subject to our terms and conditions, we offer payment terms to our buyers which see them paying for cargo after they have received delivery.

customs clearance

All documents are controlled internally within our office to ensure cargo has been imported into the country with the right tariff codes eliminating any unforeseen duties and taxes upon arrival.

We handle customs clearance effectively and efficiently to ensure there isn’t any delays getting access to material upon arrival.

container unpack

There is certainly an art to unpacking containers, this can be an extremely time consuming practice which isn’t efficient use of your time.

We handle all container unpacks in a timely matter in preparation for delivery.


All material is delivered safely and efficiently on the back of flatbed semi-trailers to ensure product is able to be unloaded at site without hassle.


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